How Can a Woman Become a Good Hunter

How Can a Woman Become a Good Hunter

Hunting is a manly sport. Well, it was. In the 1950s! Did you know that the number of women hunters has peaked since 2009 while the number of male hunters has slightly been declining? So if you’re looking to pick up a hobby, and love the woods and some thrill, you should become a hunter. Just follow the suggestions below and you will be shooting your own dinner in no time.

Pick the Right Gear

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You might have to try and see what kind of clothing works for you. This is because the most gear you find in shops and all are still made for men, unfortunately. If you’re the crafty kind, you can make your own outdoor clothing. If you can find a line for outdoor women, that is awesome too. But really, a comfortable pair of jeans and a T-shirt work just as well. Just get the boots and gloves to give yourself the whole hunter-feel.

Get Familiar With the Wilderness

Familiarize yourself with the outside world. Learn about all the routes and ways. Also get some knowledge about different campsites and hunting hotspots around you. Target a couple of animals you want to get to first and know where to find them. The more aware you are of your surroundings, the easier and more thrilling the whole experience is for you.

Get a Mentor

Ask someone to teach you with their hunting prowess. It could be a man or a woman, there is no distinction there. Just find out all that you should and should not do while hunting, get some wise instructions and try to follow them through. Soon they will become instinctive to you and you can hunt better.

Work Yourself with a Gun

Learn how to shoot a gun properly. Do it at a shooting range or just fire blanks at targets you set for yourself. Include moving targets in the training if you can as well. The worst thing ever is coming face to face with your desired target and missing it because you’re a bad shot. A few weeks of dedicated practice are all you need really.

Keep Your Head Clear

You have the skill, you have the necessary instruction in your head, now all you need is a clear head to follow through with it with masterful ease. When you have hunted regularly for a little while, hunting becomes more of an instinct than a skill. So all you need to do is keep your head clear through the thrill and nervousness and follow through with the instructions. When you panic or get too nervous, it is then that most of your shots miss.

Get a Partner

Find a partner to hunt with. I think as girls it is most fun when we do things together. You learn from each other, you don’t get bored in your time alone and it becomes a much more thrilling experience when you have someone to share with.

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